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Pristina nightlife

Pristina nightlife guide

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Kosovo’s capital is buzzing and energetic and its nightlife scene is surprisingly varied and lively. New bars and restaurants come up like mushrooms in autumn trying to serve the needs of the many foreigners working for NGO’s and other international agencies. There are enough cafés and clubs in Pristina to keep even the most spoilt travellers busy for a while. The influx of foreigners certainly had its positive effect but even the venues frequented by locals have a high level of service of quality you will not expect. One of Pristina’s advantages is its relatively small size which enables you hop from bar to bar until you have found something to your satisfaction. Best nightlife spots are spread around Rruga Fehmi Agani and Rruga Garibaldi. Also good opportunities are provided by the Santea neighbourhood at the eastern end of the Bill Clinton Boulevard. If you are on a mission to Pristina, look out for the notorious UNMIK SRC (Staff Recreation Committee) parties. Don’t be surprised about the low rate of women in many pubs and clubs since Kosovo is still a traditional and male-dominated society after all. Nevertheless when you will take a stroll along Nena Tereza during summer evenings you will be astonished by the parade of beautiful local girls, dressed to kill.

If your aim is to get acquainted with the local (female) students Baraka, the double-decker summer cottage-style bar on Fehmi Agani street, is worth a visit. Zullu Bar on Bul Bill Clinton has even a younger clientele bouncing to a mix of charts, rock and house music. Zullu Bar is a club for unpretentious fun and always jam-packed with a cheerful crowd. Cube on (Johan Hahn street 2) is a popular bar with the fashionable crowd of Pristina. The terrace on the roof is a great place for summer evenings but the real action is downstairs in the Swish club area, where DJs spin their records on Wednesday and during weekends. As often in Pristina you will have to dress sharp to get entrance to Cube.

Late-night birds will feel completely at ease in bars as Café e Vogel and Joy. Close to Café e Vogel (on Fehmi Agani street 48) and very popular with the trendy crowd is the slick Avenue Bar visited by the rich and beautiful of Pristina. Expect sophisticated light food, flashy cocktails and Sinatra from the speakers. A similar atmosphere can be found in Legere. This venue on on Perandori Justinian street 2 is another favourite hangout of the beautiful and successful people in Pristina. Its ultramodern lounge bar with its comfy chairs and sofas is an excellent venue for meeting your local date. In weekends Legere organizes very popular parties. Depo on UÇK likes to pump up the volume and attracts a jumpy young crowd dancing to urban and house. Spray is without any doubts the hottest and wildest club of Kosovo. The club is situated a few kilometres down south of the city centre (Veternik) but definitely worth the ride. Even the most experienced skirt-hunter will be impressed by the huge number of fantastic looking local girls filling Spray’s dance floors. The most grungy hangout in Pristina is Tingell Tangell on Rexhep Luci street. Tingell Tangell is a favourite amongst the arty and alternative crowd of Pristina. The interior is what you can expect: mismatched furniture, comfy worn out seats and quirky paintings. The atmosphere in Tingell Tangell is extremely laidback and it is easy to mingle with the cheerful students and (wannabe) artists frequenting this joint.


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