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Branka Black Rose

Branka Milijančević, famous Serbian stripper and dancer, still performing in striptease club Moulin Rouge, at Deligradska 3a in Belgrade

Night Flight Lotos - Striptease Club

Lotos club, Belgrade's oldest night club, presents the most beautiful strippers in Belgrade. In the most exclusive Striptease club in Belgrade, our exotic dancers will entertain you every night from 22 to 05 hours.

Romansa Nightclub

Belgrade strip club belonging to chain of 3 striptease clubs Romansa, Kristal and Romansa 1

Striptease Club Moulin Rouge Exclusive

Belgrade striptease club offering wide variety of erotic shows, located on Deligradska 3a and working every day from 22.00 pm until 06.00 am

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