Advertsising conditions and site policy

Advertising conditions and site policy

1) Status and purpose of our site

We are an independent erotic services directory and nightlife guide: advertising or other commercial info on our site is usually clearly signalled. We do not run an individual escort agency, call girls service, erotic massage salon, erotic night club, dating or webcam service and by no means we take the responsibility for any activities of the companies and persons listed on our site.

So please do NOT contact us by email asking us to provide you with girls for escort service, companionship, erotic massage et cetera.

If you are looking for a girl for escort service, companionship, erotic massage or other services please contact directly the individual persons and agencies listed on our site. The contact details like telephone numbers and email addresses are listed on our pages.

Maybe you are too lazy to check it, fine, but please do NOT bother us with personal requests.

This means we can also cannot offer jobs to escort ladies looking for work. In that case you should post an advertisement in our vacancy section, here:

The same goes for any agencies, massage salons or erotic clubs: we do not have girls working for us since we are not an agency but purely an advertising platform and erotic services directory and nightlife guide.

2) Editing, updating or deleting of your advertising listing(s)

When you have added your advertising listing(s) to our sites yourself you are also expected to edit, update or even delete it yourself when you do no longer want it to be published on our sites.

We simply cannot take care of all daily updates and removals of ads of free advertisers who have voluntary joined our sites.

After all, we are not your personal webmaster and we kindly ask you to take your own responsibility in that respect.

This would only be different for Featured VIP listings of paying VIP advertisers or listings we have created ourselves.

So how does editing, updating or deleting of your listing on our site work?

After having logged in with your username and password go to the link My Page

This is the sixth link under Directory Menu in left side bar of each page of site:

There you will see the overview of all the listings you have created and you have the options of editing, preview and deleting of every single listing.

By pressing red button of each listing you can edit or delete every single listing you created.

In case you have forgotten your password; you can reset it here:

In case you have forgotten your username; you can retrieve it here:

We hope this information is helpful and kindly ask for your understanding you are expected to take your own responsibility in this respect.

3) No pornographic or fake/stolen pictures

We do not allow any pictures of explicit nudity or other clear pornographic nature. In case we will receive complaints regarding the use of pictures or other material stolen from someone else we will request you to immediately remove the fake pictures or any other information. We will hold you legally responsible for any damage caused and not hesitate to take any appropriate measure to compensate for any damage to our or someone else’s reputation or any other loss on our side.

4) New advertising offers

For new advertisers: please be warned that in case we made a new offer for paid Featured VIP listings, banner or other premium advertising the price is valid during 1 week after the offer has been sent by email. When we have not received a response within this term our offer is no longer valid and we can consider to increase price or change other conditions.
5) Expiration of existing advertising

For existing advertisers: please be warned that in case of expiration of your existing paid Featured VIP listings, banner or other premium advertising we expect renewal of payment within 7 days from the date of expiration. In case we have to send out another reminder after a week, we can consider to impose an administrative fee of the price of 1 month VIP advertising or deduct 1 month from the period you have purchased through us.

6) Behave professional, reasonable and honest

We are a respectable and reliable directory and we expect the same professional attitude from our business partners. Please be warned that in case you are wasting our precious time by not replying to the info we provided to you on request or do not keep your promises like not paying at all for services provided to you we can also take into consideration to:

- report your website to Google and other search engines as a scam site and label your email address as a potential source of spam;
- share our negative experiences with others and post reviews about your service on forums;
- blacklist your site and have it removed from or refused in future from many partner sites;
- lodging complaint with your ISP and local judicial authorities in case of absence of payment;
- take any other appropriate measure to compensate for any damage or loss on our side.

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