Editing, updating or deleting your listing

Editing, updating or deleting your listing

When you have added your advertising listing(s) to our sites yourself you are also expected to edit, update or even delete it yourself when you do no longer want it to be published on our sites.

We simply cannot take care of all daily updates and removals of ads of free advertisers who have voluntary joined our sites.

After all, we are not your personal webmaster and we kindly ask you to take your own responsibility in that respect.

This would only be different for Featured VIP listings of paying VIP advertisers or listings we have created ourselves.

So how does editing, updating or deleting of your listing on our site work?

After having logged in with your username and password go to the link My Page

This is the sixth link under Directory Menu in left side bar of each page of site:


There you will see the overview of all the listings you have created and you have the options of editing, preview and deleting of every single listing.

By pressing red button of each listing you can edit or delete every single listing you created.

In case you have forgotten your password; you can reset it here:


In case you have forgotten your username; you can retrieve it here:


We hope this information is helpful and kindly ask for your understanding you are expected to take your own responsibility in this respect.

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