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Constanta & Mamaia guide

Constanta & Mamaia city guide

Constanta on the southern Black Sea Coast is the oldest still existing city in Romania, founded around 600 BC. Its port is the largest harbour on the Black Sea, and the fourth largest port in Europe. The city offers a bit of every­thing: beaches, a picturesque old town, archaeological treasures and a relaxing Mediterranean atmosphere. And its historical buildings, ancient ruins, museums, grand Casino, shops, and proximity to several beach resorts make it the vibrant centre of Black Sea coast tourism. From Constanta you can easily reach traditional villages, vineyards and the Danube Delta, a bird-lover's paradise. Popular sights in Constanta are Ovid's Square, the Roman Mosaics (Edificul Roman cu Mozaic) a complex which was the city's commercial centre until the 7th century and the Genoese Lighthouse (Farul Genovez). The Casino (Cazinoul) in art nouveau style provides a wonderful view of the sea and the pedestrian area around the Casino is a favourite hangout for couples and families, especially at sunset. The House with Lions (Casa cu Lei) is mix of pre-Romantic and Genovese architectural styles and features four columns decorated with sculptured lions. The Archeology Park (Parcul Arheologic) houses columns and fragments of 3rd and 4th century buildings and a 6th century tower. The religious highlights of Constanta are the St. Peter & Paul Orthodox Cathedral and the Great Mahmudiye Mosque (Moscheea Mare Mahmoud II), built in 1910 by King Carol and being the seat of the Mufti, the spiritual leader of the 55,000 Muslims (Turks and Tatars by origin) who live along the coast of the Dobrogea region. The combination of Byzantine and Romanian architectural elements make it one of the most distinctive mosques in the area. Main attraction of the mosque is the 50 metres high minaret (tower) offers a fantastic view of the old downtown and harbour. The Fantasio Theatre (Teatrul Fantasio), located in the heart of the city on Ferdinand Boulevard, features elements of neoclassical architecture.
Mamaia is Romania’s oldest and largest resort at the Black Sea coast, north of Constanta. And due to its skyscraper hotels it is often referred to as the Benidorm of Romania.


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