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Prague nightlife

Prague nightlife guide

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Prague nightlife caters for everyone’s needs and preferences. Radost FX, located at Belekradska 120, is one of the hottest clubs in town and its dance floor is usually packed with outgoing girls. Solidni Nejistota, a well known night club at Pstrossova 21, is considered to be the ultimate pick up place in Prague. The club is also regularly frequented by pro or semi-pro girls. As usual the favourite hang outs of expats and businessmen also attract local girls looking for some cash. It is also worth to check out Tretter’s Café (V. Kolkovne 3) a trendy cocktail bar and popular with foreigners and hip and wealthy locals. La Fabrique, only a few minutes walk from Wenceslas Square, is one of Prague’s oldest clubs and this buzzing place always attracts some pretty local ladies. Other bars which are popular with foreigners not in the last place because of the vast amount of pretty girls are Cocktail Bar Bombay, Bugsy’s Bar and La Bodeguita Del Medio, a cocktail bar and restaurant in old Havana style. For an outgoing atmosphere and party minded girls Meloun music bar & restaurant (Narodni Trida 11) is an excellent option, especially during weekends. The stylish and beautiful designed Buddha Bar (Jakubská street 649/8) is a tremendous place to meet your date or simply watch the most beautiful Prague girls sipping cocktails and chilling on relaxing sofas. The two dance floors of Buddha Bar are often packed with local glam queens dancing to the sophisticated tunes of great Czech and foreign DJ´s. If you afford the bill you can also reserve one of the tasteful decorated rooms or suites in the Buddha Bar Hotel. A good venue to meet beautiful Prague ladies, including working girls hunting for tourists and businessmen is disco Karlovy Lázně. This popular club features 5 floors with different bars and dance floors and is considered to be one of the largest clubs in Central Europe. Karlovy Lázně can be found on 50 meters from the eastern end of the Charles Bridge on the bank of the Vltava River and. The basement level floor with free internet access has mostly rap & R&B on the menu. One floor level higher you will find the Kaleidoskop Room, where youngsters bounce around to electronic music. An older audience and tourists hangs around on the next level floor which is mainly dedicated to mainstream and retro music. On the next floor you can dance to trance and techno, meanwhile the top floor of Karlovy Lázně is reserved for chilling and lounging.

Update nightclubs and bars in Prague:

The wine bar close to metro Muztek where you can find often pro and semi-pro ladies is a good pick-up joint in Prague.


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