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Wroclaw nightlife

Wroclaw nightlife guide

Wroclaw is not only an impressive open air museum but has as well a rich cultural scene with several theatres and some major festivals. On top of it all it offers a raucous nightlife thanks to the large student community and increasing number of foreign travellers. Wroclaw is primarily a university town, and some 10% of the population studies at some institute or another. The big student population ads a strong youthful spirit to the city, with a blooming cultural scene and a bouncing party scene as most visible results. Whereas Vilnius, Riga, Tallinn, Bratislava and Krakow start already to be a bit tired members of the stag weekend circus, Wroclaw still ads something fresh and sparkling to the connoisseurs of Eastern Europe. Wroclaw is already being called 'the next Krakow' (while Krakow having been promoted to 'the next Prague') thanks to it's stunning Old Town and rampant nightlife.
On and around Rynek, you will never have a dull moment. The beautiful medieval central square and its surroundings streets are stuffed with lively bars and energetic clubs. As day fades into night, and the German tourists have returned to their hotels, armies of local girls on high heels and in short skirts appear from nowhere, all tarted up and ready for a long and wild night in the many cheesy venues around Rynek. What appear to be normal restaurants and cafes during the day transfer into rowdy watering holes or flashy dance clubs after sunset.
The Rynek might be a major draw but also other areas are bursting at the seams with cosy cafes, lively bars and stylish night clubs. On top of it all: Wroclaw bars are extremely flexible - no matter what the official closing times are - most pubs will not close until the last customer has left the building.

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In any case be sure to pay a visit to Dayton Music Club on Rynek 35-37. International guest DJs, fair prized booz, a 500-square-metre floor and an overload of beautiful local girls, it is mot hard to guess why this flashy club has become one of Wroclaw’s  nightlife legends. Dayton Music Club is open 7 days a week and every day is dedicated to a different theme. The club’s slogan is "This place is always kickin'!", check for yourself is this claim is justified, for sure Dayton Music Club won’t be boring. Club 9 Brama ('The Ninth Gate’’) is another club with a great location on the main square (Rynek 39/40) and an excellent venue for flirtatious fun with the local ladies. The audience in Club 9 Brama is a mix of students, young professionals and devoted clubbers who come for a wild night of house, trance and techno.
Those who have not visited Piwnica Świdnicka, have not been in Wroclaw. This famous cellar bar is indeed a must visit during your stay in Wroclaw. Piwnica Świdnicka is located in the basement of the Town Hall (Rynek Ratusz 1) and claims to be oldest beer-house in Europe. Beer lovers must visit Spiz, right next door to Piwnica Świdnicka. Spiz includes a restaurant and a brewery with a large offer of delicious local ales. Klubo Kawiarna PRL on Dubois street 22 is the place to be for unpretentious fun in Wroclaw. Unlike many other clubs Klubo Kawiarna PRL is not desperately trying to be hip but is just focussing on what should be the core business of every club: providing a good time to its visitors. The club is designed in Soviet theme and pokes fun at Poland’s communist past. Its interiors include busts of Lenin, an old car hanging from the ceiling and black and white photographs depicting May Day parades. Nights in Klubo Kawiarna PRL can be wild and outgoing, especially when the disco balls start to spin and the dance floor packs out. The music is usually a mix of 70’s and 80’s cheese and catchy Polish pop which keeps the dance floor bouncing. Sometimes the DJs put on his turn table a classic Polish anthem dating back from the socialist days to spice up the funny atmosphere.
The pub Zielony Kogut on Teatralna street 8 is popular with foreigners and is a good spot to meet local girls. When you aim to mingle with the Wroclaw’s student crowd the venues in Ruska street provide the best playground. Especially Pasaz Niepolda on Ruska street 51, a small open courtyard with several bars is a favourite hangout of Wroclaw’s young party-animals. Just like in the rest of the city, variety is the name of the game on Pasaz Niepolda and there is something according to everyone’s taste and preferences. Niebo (Ruska 51b) is a quirky student café where you can spend the whole nights talking with your local date in an incredible relaxing atmosphere. Next to Niebo on Ruska street 51 is Metropolis where you can indulge yourself in a totally different atmosphere. There is probably no place in Wroclaw here the girls and the house music are hotter than in Metropolis. On Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays this club is the place to be, buzzing with life, hot girls, cheap drinks and quality house until the early morning hours. Metropolis houses two dance floors: the one the ground floor blasts out techno and industrial sounds to a wild crowd of clubbers meanwhile the one downstairs serves club classics. If you are not into dancing, just sip a beer at the bar and admire the Pretty Young Things demonstrate their best house moves on the dance floor.
When you want to explore the underground scene of Wroclaw Bezsennosc on Ruska street 51 is the first address to stop by. Bezsennosc means 'insomnia' in Polish language and it is an appropriate name for this notorious alternative hangout. Parties in Bezsennosc go on until the early morning hours and the small dance is always packed with an enthusiastic crowd dancing to an eclectic mix of alternative, dance and rock. Besides a great and varied musical menu you will find stylish interiors in underworld theme. Most important of all the visitors in Bezsennosc are extremely laid back and party minded and are always open to get acquainted with foreigners or newcomers.  
Extremely popular with Wroclaw’s young clubbers is W-Z Club on Wolnosci Square 7. During weekends W-Z Club is usually packed with hordes of youngsters bouncing to a mix of party pop, techno and R&B. Especially the student nights on Thursdays with cheap drinks, free entry for students and 80’s and 90’s tunes are big fun and provide excellent opportunities for mingling and flirting with local college girls. Those who are looking for a more sophisticated venue than the pure party and watering holes around Rynek and Pasaz Niepolda should head to Café Manana; an über-hip, though totally unpretentious bar on sw. Mikolaja street 11. The interior in Mediterranean colours and Gaudi-style, the funky music and laid party-minded people make Café Manana one of the hottest clubs in Wroclaw.


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