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Pécs sex scene

Pécs sex scene guide

Escort agencies and call girls 

You can find profiles of Pécs escorts in local magazines Tempo and Magyar Bazar (under sections Tarskereses/Kereses). Via CamContacts you can also get into touch with call girls in Hungary. Via the adult dating sites Adult FriendFinder and you can also get in touch with Hungarian ladies in Pécs and other cities in Hungary who are offering short term encounters for sponsorship.

Update escorts in Pécs: Hungarian escorts directory listing many girls outside of Budapest in cities like Pécs, Győr and Debrecen. directory listing girls in Hungarian cities like Pécs and Nyíregyháza. large directory containing many prostitutes in Budapest, Győr, Debrecen, Pécs and many other cities.

For more prostitutes in Pécs, Budapest and other cities in Hungary you are recommended to check our overview Hungarian escorts

Nightclubs, striptease clubs and erotic bars 

The offer of nightclubs is nothing compared to the choice a visitor has in Budapest but there are some noteworthy clubs in Pécs like Amor Bar which is near the mosque/church. Blue Angel is another nightclub, situated close to the McDonalds. The stylish nightclub Babylon can be found on the hills outside the city centre near the Kikelet hotel. In all clubs you can go private with a girl. 

Erotic massage salons, private houses and brothels 

Some sex clubs with a good reputation in Pécs are Paradise and Amazon. 


In Szigeti street you can usually find some street walkers during the late night hours.

Update street hookers areas in Pécs:

On the road leading to Budapest, after passing the Tesco gaz station you will find Hungarian hookers waiting for clients.

Girl friendly hotels and accommodation in Pécs

Apartments in Pécs can be booked on line through the international accommodation service like


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