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Lugansk (Luhansk) nightlife guide

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The majority of the nightclubs is located in the eastern districts of Lugansk (Luhansk). In this city far east the atmosphere is much more Russian and hence more outgoing as you can notice in clubs like Plazma (Vatutina street 1). Good Zone on Cheliuskintsev street 16a is a popular club with youngsters and everybody who feels young at heart in Lugansk. Good Zone is frequented by a lot of local hotties and features an outgoing atmosphere. You can also play billiards, visit the casino or watch a strip show. Iceberg (Budennogo street d.146) is a trendy high-end club in Lugansk that offers a lot of musical styles like electro, house, techno, minimal, R&B and lounge. The special musical themes and dance events in Iceberg are very popular with the local crowd, especially students. Iceberg has also a strip bar called Tatoo. For special parties and concerts of international artists in Lugansk you can stop by club Faraon where the dance floor can be packed with great looking ladies. Disco (50 Years of October street 4a) is a flashy club designed in futuristic space style and one of Lugansk’s most popular dance clubs which has mainly house and techno on the menu. Matrix Bar is the favourite hangout of night birds in Lugansk. Matrix Bar is located on Universitetskaya street 70, close to the Central Square. Evenings can start slow in Matrix Bar but late at night the place will be filled up with clubbers who do not want to go home.


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