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Yerevan nightlife

Yerevan nightlife guide

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The many outdoor cafes and restaurants are Yerevan’s biggest attraction. Except for the winter season when it can be blistering cold and windy, the soul of Yerevan can be felt the best in it streets and parks. Just experience the unique Yerevan laidback atmosphere by installing yourself on a terrace of one of the stylish cafés near the Republic Square or the Opera House (officially: National Academic Opera & Ballet Theatre). Order a glass of the famous Armenian cognac Ararat or the local beer Kotayk and watch the scene of the sexy but stylish dressed beautiful Armenian ladies passing and the macho local males trying to impress with their brand new cabriolets. The wealthy Armenian diaspora sends in a lot of money, stimulating local investments, and you will certainly be surprised by the great design and wide variety of restaurants, bars and clubs in Yerevan. Near the Yerevan State University you will find one of the city’s most popular hangouts for late-night birds: Aqua. Especially at weekends Aqua can be really packed. The club is located on Alek Manukyan street (Poghots) at the River Getar and is easy to recognize by the waterfall running over the front of the building.

Near the Opera House you can find a fair number of interesting and always lively clubs. Amongst them is club Astral, a Western style underground club featuring a huge dance floor. Club Astral has the reputation of being the club in Yerevan where the local electronic dance scene started to flourish. Due to its fair prized drinks and cover and large number of lovely local ladies Astral is very popular with expats as well. Also near the Opera House on Northern Avenue 1 you will find Club Atlantic which is considered to be a good pick up place of semi-professional local girls, usually hanging around the bar or near the dance floor. The atmosphere in Club Atlantic is usually outgoing and offers good opportunities to mingle with locals or expats. An excellent place to start your journey through Yerevan by night is the Asian-style designed Buddha Lounge on Mesrop Mashtots street 50. There you can have exotic drinks in a relaxed and stylish atmosphere and prepare for a long night ahead. The French bistro-styled Jean-Jacques Rousseau on Tumanyan street 32 makes also a good starting point for the night. Jean-Jacques offers delicious food and is popular with locals as well as expats who gather there to have a drink and smoke Kalian (water pipe). For a rather alternative scene it is recommended to visit Kino Nairi on Mesrop Mashtots street 50 where you can find two late-night cafés: the movie-themed 5th Element and Underground that offers cabaret shows during weekends.


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