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Gdansk, Sopot & Gdynia nightlife

Gdansk, Sopot & Gdynia nightlife guide

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The whole city centre and especially the Gówne Miasto in Gdansk is packed with bars and clubs, try not only the popular venues on Duga street, but also those in the parallel side streets like Sw. Ducha, Piwna, and Chlebnicka. It’s hard to imagine other cities in Central Europe with a nightlife as divers as that of Gdansk, since nearly every door opens onto something new and unique.
Gdansk’s most legendary nightclub frequented by the most beautiful girls in town is definitely Piekni Mlodzi i Bogaci, aka The Beautiful, Young and Rich. The name of this all time favourite located on Tetralna street 1 tells all what you can expect; The longest legs, biggest sunglasses and thickest wallets in town. Piekni Mlodzi i Bogaci is by far Gdansk’s most exclusive club where the bald and the beautiful of Gdansk come to show off. You might find the music too mainstream, the cover charge too high and the scene too tacky and blingy but watching the local glam queens and gold diggers is definitely worth the visit, if only once during your stay in Gdansk.
For wild partying and unpretentious fun Soda Café on Chmielna street 103/104 is a must visit while exploring Gdansk by night. It is an excellent place to meet your local date since the club has plenty of comfortable seats for conversation. Soda Café has a huge dance floor where you can be surrounded by local drop dead beauties. The musical and party menu is very varied with karaoke on Wednesdays, special theme nights on Fridays and some light erotic themed parties on Saturdays.     
If you want to explore Gdansk’s artistic scene try places like Club Sanatorium and the artists’ and bohemians’ hangout Café Zascianek. In case you like mingling with the local student crowd AK PG Kwadratowa on Siedlicka street 4 is always a safe bet. This student magnet in Gdansk offers  cheap drinks, decent meals and pole billiard. AK PG Kwadratowa is connected to the Gdansk’s Technical University and legendary for its crazy parties and great concerts. Out of the centre, in the district of Wrzeszcz, you will find Jaśkowa 14. This flashy three floor club is located on Jaśkowa Dolina street 14 and you will need a cab to reach it. The club has a varied menu with student nights on Thursdays, hip hop and urban music on Fridays and house and club music on Saturdays. Stacja Deluxe Pub on Grundwaldzka street 22 is themed around an 1970’s American gas station with Ferrari red seats, shiny glass and gleaming chrome pipes. Not only the original industrial design but especially the stunning bargirls preparing delicious cocktails are Stacja Deluxe Pub’s greatest asset. Ksantypa on Piastowka 210 is the place to dance to intoxicating trance and pulsating house beats. The crowd is young, energetic and easy to mingle with.
Sopot is the heartbeat of Tri-City nightlife with the never sleeping Bohaterów Monte Cassino street in downtown Sopot as its main draw. An old time favourite is Spatif on Bohaterów Monte Cassino street 52/54, traditionally a hangout of local artists. Nowadays Spatif is less edgy and Bohemenian but still worth a visit. Nearby you will find Sanatorium (Bohaterów Monte Cassino street 60), a full treat to those who like to dance until sunrise to dance to great DJ’s. If you are tired of the pulsating electro beats, take a break in the India-themed room for chilling and lounging. Next to Sanatorium is club Tropikalna Wyspa where the dance floor is always bouncing and lovely local ladies shake their tails to mainstream club music.  
Club Sfinks (Powstancow Warszawy street 18) is one of Sopot’s biggest attractions and considered to be one of the best clubs in Poland. When you are so lucky to have passed the picky face control you find yourself in the Walhalla of Polish clubbers. Though Sfinks is not as edgy as it used to be it still offers an artistic tone and its top Polish and foreign DJs attract people from all over the country. For a great selection of national and international DJ’s you should also head to Viva Club (Al. F Mamuszki 2), another highlight of the Polish club scene. This stylish club has two dance floors, numerous bars and an excellent international restaurant serving the best seafood in town. The outdoor terrace offers a magnificent view of the Gdansk bay. Viva Club has a reputation for organizing the best, the weirdest and the wildest events and the annual Beach Party, held in Gdynia, is one of the highlights of summer in Gdansk. Another hotspot and popular with the fashionable crowd is Mandarynka located on Berna street 6. With its trendy and colourful design Mandarynka is definitely one of the classiest venues in town and the artists and DJ’s performing are usually of top level. When it comes to original design, Klub Wieloryb (Whale Club) on Podjazd street 2 is absolutely worth visiting. Klub Wieloryb has a maritime theme with an eccentric twist and also the great music and cheerful clientele will make you keep coming back to this popular venue.
Copacabana (Sopot beach 23) is one of the best beach clubs adding hot sand,. Tropical cocktails and some Latin flavours to the Sopot club scene. Admire the natural beauty of the Gdansk girls in bikini passing by meanwhile you sip a delicious cocktail and watch the sunset. At nights things really start to heat up again as the young party crowd arrives, ready for dancing and drinking until the sun rises again over the Baltic Sea. The black swan in Sopot’s club and pub scene is Pub Key Bell (Sikorskiego 12). Unlike other Sopot clubs this is not the place where people come to show off and dress to impress. Pub Key Bell is a low key place but a full guarantee to unpretentious fun. The crowd, mostly students attracted by the cheap booz, is very laid back and easy to mingle with.
Gdynia might not have the number of bars and nightclubs you will find in Sopot but the quality and variety of the club scene might be even better. Best pick in Gdyinia is Ucho, a big warehouse-style club on Św. Piotra street 2 near the docklands. In Ucho it is not about design interiors or fashionable people. Here it’s quality music, great concerts and original parties that count.  For something completely different you should head to Boolvar Club on Waszyngtona street 21. This sexy club is designed in a 70’s theme with a lot of orange and other bright colours and is completely filled up with locals at weekends. In Boolvar Club you spend hours by watching the platinum pussycats and Barbie girls dancing to tacky 80’s and 90’s tunes. Elypse (Waszyngtona 21) is another hot spot in Gdynia. This trendy club is an excellent place for flirting and mingling with local ladies and the restaurant serves great food.


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