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St. Petersburg nightlife guide

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St. Petersburg has a very lively music scene and nightlife and many successful Russian rock and jazz acts started their career in Piter. St. Petersburg was the first city in Russia to adapt club culture in the late 80’s. The club scene started with underground rock clubs and art centres and later, in the beginning of 90’s, rave clubs and house parties came in. There is a big alternative scene with a lot of concerts and festivals going on. The DJs in the underground Tunnel Club were the first who brought techno to Russia which make Tunnel Club to St. Petersburg what Hacienda was to Manchester. Although the club, founded in 1993, was closed down for several years it never lost its edge and party spirit. Tunnel Club is still one of the places to be in St. Petersburg when you want to indulge yourself in the best house, techno and drum and bass.

Rossi’s Club (Zodchego Rossi street, 1/3) has many special theme evenings, sometimes with a light erotic touch and the atmosphere can be really outgoing. Many men, both Russians and foreigners, are also attracted by the fair prices and many dancing drunken student girls in Rossi’s Club. Magrib is a club in Moroccan style a Nevsky Prospect 84 which is very popular with the trendy crowd of Piter. The venue has also become one of the most popular spots for expats in Piter since it has the reputation of a place where local girls come to meet foreigners. During daytime you can observe many girls having dates. From 11 pm the dance floor is starting to get packed when the DJs mix blends of house, trance and techno. Marstall is a club which often has erotic acts and competitions during which pretty women strip and dance topless to house. There are always some hookers who try to grab the attention of expats and businessmen who are frequent visitors of Marstall. Foreigners have free entrance to the club which is located very close to the Saviour on the Blood Church (5 Kanala Griboyedova Naberezhnaya). Red Club (Poltava street 7) is one of the clubs that has often famous international DJs on the flyer and its dance floor is usually packed with dozens of pretty women.

One of the best places in Piter for unpretentious fun and friendly atmosphere is Griboedov, a club with art-deco interior and located in a former nuclear bomb shelter. Due to its intimate setting it is the ideal venue for flirts and flings with local girls. Griboedov is run by the popular St. Petersburg rock group Dva Samalyota and offers a wide range of trendy and alternative live acts. The favourite hang out of alternative music lovers and artistic types in Piter is probably Fish Fabrique, part of the famous cultural centre Pushkinskaya-10. It has interesting live performances and the laid back atmosphere makes it very easy to make acquaintance with the locals. Fish Fabrique is located at Ligovsky Prospect 53, close to the metro stations Area Rebellion or Mayakovskaya.

Metro Club attracts a young well dressed crowd between 18 and 35 years old and is one of the major hotspots for clubbing in Piter. Each of the three floors of this club on Ligovskiy Prospect 174 plays different music and there is a popular karaoke bar as well. The interior is very stylish and there are many comfortable and quiet places to chill and talk. Metro Club has the reputation of being very friendly and safe for expats, foreign businessmen and tourists. Mondays and Wednesdays are typically student nights in Metro and you always find some young ladies looking for acquaintance with foreigners.

In Tribunal Bar you can admire gorgeous dancers and it is frequented by many working girls hunting foreigners. There are different areas and a karaoke bar. Tribunal Bar, originally opened by Dutch people in St. Petersburg, has been renewed and is now located on Karavannaya street 26.

Update clubs and bars in St. Petersburg:

Coyote Ugly Bar : St. Petersburg establishment of US chain (Pr. Liteyny 57) and another hot spot in St. Petersburg nightlife when it comes to meet semi-pro and other willing ladies. The bar and table dancing of beautiful girls in Coyote Ugly Bar is probably the club's biggest asset and a magnet to expats and tourists alike.

The Office: English pub on Kazanskya Ul. 5 which attracts many local ladies.


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