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Odessa city guide

The ‘Pearl of the Black Sea’ is the third largest city in Ukraine and the largest city along the Black Sea. Odessa's mild climate, warm sea water and bright sunlight have attracted foreigners for many centuries. Its shady lanes, beautiful lightly pastel buildings and cosy squares contribute to an intimate and lively atmosphere that doesn’t leave any visitor unaffected. The city always had the reputation of a cosmopolitan sea port, home to Greek sailors, Italian architects, French aristocrats and one the largest Jewish communities in Europe. It is the city of great poets like Anna Achmatova, Isaac Babel and also inspired Alexander Pushkin to write some of his most famous works during his stay here. The most well known spot in Odessa are the big steps which lead from the sea side into the city. In Sergei Eisenstein’s 1925 classic ‘Battleship Potemkin’ the most famous scene in the film - the massacre of civilians by Tsarist soldiers (which never happened in reality) takes place on Odessa Steps (also known as the Primorsky or Potemkin Stairs). Besarabska street and Primorsky boulevard are the main streets and make a catwalk for Odessa girls which just as the city itself have the reputation of being outgoing, very attractive and proud. According to some they are even too proud and even arrogant and snobbish. Next to these streets you can find the Misksad (city garden) park. Going to Miksad has become synonym to entertain yourself and is now an expression in local language.


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