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Pristina sex scene

Pristina sex scene guide

Escort agencies and call girls

Via the webcam girls site CamContacts you can find call girls and semi-pro girls interested in a real meeting. Through the international erotic dating sites, SexPlayCam, and you can contact Kosovar women who are looking for an erotic date or offering short term encounters in return for sponsorship.

Nightclubs, striptease clubs and erotic bars 

At the moment we do not have information available about nightclubs, striptease clubs and erotic bars in Pristina. As soon as we have up to date info we will publish it here.

Erotic massage salons, private houses and brothels 

Kosovo is literally packed with private houses and brothels but since they usually do not advertise in public, local people and taxi drivers in Kosovo remain the most important source to find your way to the girls. Sometimes taxi drivers can assist you in finding girls for 'home delivery'. The girls in Kosovo's underground scene are often from Bulgaria and Romania. Since local mafia is often involved one should always be on guard when making appointments or visiting unknown places. The most notorious bordello is Motel Groningen formerly called Motel Amsterdam, owned by a Dutchman and named after the city in the North of the Netherlands. Most girls in Motel Groningen are from Ukraine, Moldova and other Eastern European countries. Motel Groningen is located at the highway Macedonia-Kosovo, 12 km from Pristina.

Update massage salons in Pristina:

Serena Massage Center: not an erotic massage salon but convential massage parlour in Pristina (Fehmi Agani Street); Swedish, sports and deep tissue massage on the menu.

There are also some Thai massage and Chinese massage palours in Pristina. What is on the menu and how erotic it gets, depends very much on the individual girls since there is no oficial erotic massage policy. One Thai salon is located above a small shopping mall (above City Park Supermarket), the other is close to the main branch of Pro Credit Bank on the opposite side of the road.

Update sex clubs in Pristina:

On the road from Pejë/Pec over Djackova to Prizren (also called ' Horse road', there are several one hour hotels/brothels located.  You can easily recognize them beacuse they are heavily lighted. Most girls working in these clubs are not Kosovar but from countries like Bulgaria, Romania and Moldova.


At the moment we do not have information available about the streetwalkers scene in Pristina. As soon as we have up to date info we will publish it here.

Girl friendly hotels and accommodation 

Via the portal iAgora (iHousing) you can find private apartments for short rental period in Pristina.

Update girl friendly hotels in Pristina:

Grand Hotel Pristhina: in the lobby of this hotel situated in the shopping and business district of Prishtina (Mother Theresa street) you can sometimes spot working girls.


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